NOV. 27 2014AD

∆  Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We’re incredibly grateful for all your support over the past couple of years

and we’re looking forward to showing you the movie in 2015.



NOV. 22 2014AD

∆  Who are the Giallo Queens?

Here the first extract from the TV show Focus On Legend.


NOV. 15 2014AD

∆  Tragedy Records is happy to launch this new website to honor the new era of The Giallo Queens.

Many things are about to happen as Phoebus and the band are still looking for a new singer.

If you are interested, if you think you got what it takes to lead The Giallo Queens,

send an email and a demo at

Stay tuned! -GQ  Ω

NOV. 1 2014AD

∆  As you may know we appear in the video directed by Enguerran Prieu for Motörhead’s song Killed By Death, we invite you to watch it.


NOV. 26 2014AD

∆  Today in Giallo Queens‘ history we celebrate the 32rd anniversary of Live! For The Execution

This live double LP is the last album… for instance…

Who was in the audience that night? Tell us about that show and we’ll send you a surprise!


JAN. 1 2014AD

∆  Happy New Year! To start with a good news, The Giallo Queens are Tragedy Records are planning few concert in 2014/2015.

Do you have an anecdote of a Giallo Queens concert ?

Send us your story and we will published it.


MAY. 23 2013AD

∆  Rock ‘N’Roll Over, the story about the Phoebus and the Giallo Queens, has been presented in a exclusive world premiere at the Cannes Film Market.

And guess what, a GQ member was there to accompany Enguerran Prieu and Didier D. Deveney for their introduction.




MAY. 7 2012AD

∆  Reheasals are getting pretty well at the Tragedy Studio. Still a singer is missing so if you think you have the guts to join, send demo at!

Meanwhile Rock ‘N’Roll Over the movie about Giallo Queens and Phoebus is about to be reprensented at the Cannes Film Market this month.

We heard James Kottak of Scorpions joins them to promote it…


SEP. 5 2011AD

∆  It is now official, a movie based on the Giallo Queens stories is about to be done. Phoebus will be in the center of this long feature too.

It’s an european production, its title is Rock ‘N’Roll Over and will be finished in a few.

A banner of the project is now on our site, so you and we are able to keep an ear to what’s going to be told…



FEB. 14 2011AD

∆  Phoebus authorized for the first time the tv show Focus On Legends to prepare a documentary about the Giallo Queens.

This special issue would be aired during the next season of the show in september.